Saturday, January 3, 2009

Typical Malaysian Attitude

Every year we celebrate New Year but what I have notice is that as years goes by but our Malaysian attitude will never change.

1)Malaysian don't know how to use the "tong sampah"

I say so because I notice that after celebrating the very special moment they throw all the rubbish all around the road.They mess up that place but the fact is that there is a "tong sampah" near by but why cant they throw it in the "tong sampah".Is it so susah to throw it in there?But our government also set up a rule telling that denda of Rm500 untuk membuang sampah.Are they serious about such rule?Because I had notice some Malaysian throw sampah right in front of the sign board and they tak kena pun denda.Apa yang terjadi terhadap undang-undang yang dikuatkuasakan untuk mereka yang membuang sampah?This is Malaysian attitude as they are not afraid of the law.If the denda system will be use and the majlis perbandaraan works are serious about they law surely they will issue the denda.Sure Malaysia will be a clean place.

2)Malaysian don't know how to read sign board

There are sign board that have to be follow by Malaysian but not everyone follow it as they are not afraid.I were in the ferry in Penang recently as the was a sign board "Dilarang Merokok" the sign board is so big and is everywhere but still there are still blind people who cannot read it as those blind people some.In fact in ferry there are a room for those people who wants to smake to smoke in there.But not everyone follow it they simple smoke where they like.Y can't they understand that not everyone like the smell.Even the works in the ferry also smoke and how do they want to kenakan the denda.If want to kenakan the denda the workers have to show a good example first they the ferry user will only follow the rule.

3)Malaysian driver are dangerous

I was driving on the north-south highway from Penang to Ipoh yesterday as it was raining heavily.But I still don't understand why not all driver on their car light as not everyone can notice their car from far.And I think the cause of accident in highway is that some driver don't know how to use their signal light to indicate which lane they want to use.There are also driver who drive so slow but still using the fast land.If Malaysian can't show good attitude on the road then how would they show good attitude towards other things.

4)Malaysian like to risk their life

This is because I notice some Malaysian the public bus like to stand near the door even there is a sign stating "Dilarang berdiri dekat pintu" but still there are some people who wants to stand near the door.If anything happen to them I feel cannot blame the driver as those people don't know how to read because they risk their own life.Besides that,there are some Malaysian who likes to cross road without follow the traffic light and there are some crazy people who cross road on the highway which they should not do but there are some who still do it.

If Malaysian could just follow some of the rule surely every citizen will just obey the rule without complain by telling "dia tak ikut pun undang-undang" because malaysian like to compare with each other.So follow those rule PLS………………

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